Amazon Details: BEWARE: This is an erotic PREQUEL with characters in The Madame X School of Sex universe. It is also a VERY SHORT STORY. If you don’t like short stories or erotica consider yourself warned.  Please take this warning seriously because when I bring the dirty – I bring it 🙂


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Another kinky tale from the author of The Madame X School of Sex series


The first time I stole something was on a dare.

I was fifteen and reckless, determined to prove I could be a bad ass. My best friend Jody dared me to take a pack of gum from the Handy-Mart. In retrospect, I’m surprised my bumbling effort didn’t land me in jail. It was hardly a covert mission but I did it.

I did it, I loved it and I’ve been stealing ever since.

Usually it’s something small, just enough to give me the rush. Over the years, I’ve graduated up to pickpocketing which requires a bit more daring and a lot more finesse. I’ve never gotten caught and I suppose that’s part of the thrill.

Every time I take something I have to wonder if this is the day my luck will run out.

This is the story of the day I stole from the wrong man.

Story contains content some readers may find objectionable, including voyeurism, exhibitionism, anal play, sex with strangers and extended orgasms. If you have a problem with orgasms, do not purchase this book.

Length: 4k words, 15 pages  – SHORT STORY

BONUS EXCERPT: Short excerpt from Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex Book 1)

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My Thoughts: NOTE: Graphic Adult Sexual Content

Cover: It was OK. It didn’t scream at me, but it wasn’t bland either.

Author: This is the first book by this author that I’ve read.

Book: This book is about 34 printed pages (according to Amazon). So, it was a short, quick read that I finished in a short amount of time. it flowed well and is a good introduction for the next book. Since it is a prequel, it does sort of leave you hanging. But, that’s the way a prequel is meant to be.

Rating: 4/5