I am working on setting up several author interviews. This way you are able to come back several times with different interview questions. Once those are done, I will have an Author Update mini interview where you can just answer a few questions to catch us up on your most recent updates (since your last interview with us). Each author will have this option available up to ONCE per month. Interview and updates will not be sent out, they will be available for you to snag directly from our blog.

Guest Blogs: You are welcome to submit a guest blog. Since we do ask for a heat rating of 3 on our reviews, we would prefer something with some kind of heat to it. Although, it’s not an absolute requirement. We will allow some non-heat freedom when it comes to our interviews and guest posts. You may guest blog up to ONCE per month (this is separate from the interview/update option mentioned above — so, you could appear twice, one interview and one guest blog).

To submit either one (well, once the interviews are available) email them to: whipschainssexandbooks@gmail.com